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JVL Echo

True HD Quality

A technological tour de force, the ECHO is the only countertop in the world to feature a high-definition (HD) monitor, a state-of-the-art 3D graphics processor, and a five-speaker hi-fi sound system. The Echo features more than 150 games in seven stimulating and entertaining categories.
· Weight: 65 lbs
· Height: 21"
· Width: 22"
· Depth: 15"

MegaTouch Rx


The Megatouch Rx is the cure for the common countertop game. More than just a pretty face, its low profile, weather resistant design opens up an array of new placement options, while a clean internal layout makes serviceability a snap.
· Weight: 35 lbs
· Height: 10"
· Width: 20"
· Depth: 17"

MegaTouch 19" AURORA W/BILL

Simply brilliant.

The Aurora 19" Wide Screen delivers an expanded widescreen experience to players, plus a new media side-bar for advertising and promotions. The game's dazzling halo is part of the game experience, responding to a players' progress, rewarding high scores and drawing onlookers from all angles into the action. Easy new slide out tray for service & maintenance access. 
· Weight: 53 lbs
· Height: 18"
· Width: 20.4"
· Depth: 12.5"

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